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Garage liability insurance and garagekeepers insurance provide critical protection for your business.

Garage Liability Insurance provides coverage for property damage and bodily injury that occurs as part of your garage business. For example, a customer falls and is injured at your repair shop, car lot, etc.

Garagekeepers Insurance provides you protection if a customer’s vehicle gets damaged or is stolen while at your business.

Whether you’re starting a new business and need garage insurance or your looking to improve your existing garage insurance policy, we have you covered. We have a wide range of insurance options at competitive prices to protect your business. 

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Most frequent questions and answers

Almost any business that handles customers’ or for sale vehicles needs garage liability insurance. This includes businesses such as repair shops, car dealerships, paint & body shops and tow truck drivers.

Every Garage Liability Insurance policy is different and varies depending on your business being a sales operation or repair or storage services. Each policy can be customized with extra protection to help you rest easy.

While there are many things garage does not cover, the biggest concern is injury to employees (Workers Compensation)

Yes, in most cases we can schedule vehicles under our garage policies for furnished autos or service vehicles.

Simply put, if a customer gets injured on your property, that’s garage liability. If a customer’s car gets damaged while in your care, that’s garage keepers.


The Right Coverage At The Right Price